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SEASON 5 in September 2024 !


We design a new collection every year and welcome everyone to our workshop to come and test our designs in a friendly context, in the presence of the designers of the collection and offer a unique experience of augmented gastronomy.



Designer's Table is a tableware design research project proposed by Studio Raphaël Lutz, the design office that designed the dish for the Swiss Bocuse d'Or 2017 team, and, an innovation laboratory located in Ecublens.




We started from the observation that the world of gastronomy, rich in its immense creativity, with its chefs, its recipes and its variations of techniques could still be sublimated thanks to design.


Armed with this idea, we have, since 2017, begun to study ways to overcome the current limits of creativity around the act of eating and we have posed the concept: "augmented gastronomy".



Respond to changing eating habits and prospect for future eating patterns by testing cutting-edge concepts on an inclusive panel of guests.


Create a friendly atmosphere within the design space itself with the presence of designers.


Propose new ways of eating with our concept of augmented gastronomy.




We place our guests at the center of the meal and create a space for dialogue to share our creativity with them with our new proposals. This inclusion of design in the meal is the major element of the experience and brings all the design sensibility and designer intuition to the table.


We are convinced that direct exchanges with our guests bring the designer back to where he should be: listening to his end users.



Thanks to our research, we can propose new alternatives and offer an extraordinary and total experience.


We explore new gestures, new customs and experience everything with our guests. We create new dialogues between a human, his meal and the objects that allow him to eat. We are totally inclusive in this project and reach out to everyone.




We produce concepts including new gestures to offer an experience that goes beyond the senses and leads us towards an evolution of tableware.


We follow the evolution of eating habits and explore new ways of eating. We enhance the dining experience through design.



We manage to produce prototypes in record time thanks to the presence in our region of talented specialized craftsmen. This agility allows us to offer a virtuous operating circle with a real impact on Swiss specificities.


We strongly believe that local concepts can have a stronger global impact.




It is imperative to work with all those involved in gastronomy and to open up the field of possibilities to all those wishing to innovate in the field of food. Whether young food start-ups or large food groups without forgetting SMEs, restaurants and small producers, our impact affects all players.

  • 4 seasons
  • 78 dinners
  • 1456 guests
  • 16 artisans
  • 20 drawn objects
  • 6158 dishes
  • 1600 wine bottles
  • 12 postponements due to Covid